Vasectomy Reversal

Around 5% of men who have previously undergone vasectomy decide to have it reversed at a later date, when carried out using the microsurgical technique, offers the best, most natural and most cost-effective way of starting a family.
Only a handful of experienced surgeons in the UK undertake microsurgery on a regular basis. Rowland Rees is a NHS Consultant Urological Surgeon based at University Hospital Southampton, who is Fellowship-trained and entirely sub-specialises in Andrology (Male infertility etc), including micro-surgery. He also part of the Complete Fertility Centre and works closely with the Wessex Fertility Centres in Southampton, to provide holistic care and offer all options for men with infertility and related concerns.  
Microsurgical vasectomy reversal is carried with the aid of an operating microscope, and return of sperm can be seen in up to 97%, (with a pregnancy rate of 76%) when the interval since vasectomy is < 3yrs. If the vasectomy was performed between 9 and 14 years previously, return of sperm is seen in 79%, with a pregnancy rate of 45% respectively.
These results are based on very large studies done by high-volume experts (ref link Mr Rees’s outcomes mirror these outcomes, and are shown here.

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At Wessex Andrology, we offer prompt and personal service with no hidden costs. Surgery can be offered at a choice of hospitals in Hampshire (Nuffield Health Wessex, Sarum Road Hospital, Winchester and Spire Southampton Hospital.  The fixed price is guaranteed.

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Are there any other considerations?

Another option is to undergo surgical sperm retrieval, sperm freezing, and then subsequent IVF. However when weighing things up, it should be noted that vasectomy reversal carries a similar (or better) success rate than a single cycle of IVF (with surgical sperm retrieval), and is also considerably cheaper. Further advantages of a vasectomy reversal are that it allows for a natural conception, and further children. Furthermore, the success rates of IVF fall sharply in females over the age of 35, and a successful vasectomy reversal allows for limitless attempts at conception.

An advantage of choosing a micro-surgically trained urologist to perform your surgery is that it allows repair in almost all situations - including joining the vas to the extremely small tubes draining the testis (the epididymis). This operation is called epididymo-vasostomy, and may be required when there is a blockage further down in the epididymis, preventing any sperm from flowing into the vas deferens.

Through its close links with the fertility units, Wessex Andrology is also able to offer simultaneous sperm freezing for anyone who wishes it. This may be considered for those with long obstructive intervals, and removes the need for further testicular surgery to harvest sperm if IVF were required in the future.
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