Vasectomy Reversal - Costs

The cost of vasectomy reversal is similar in all 3 hospitals that Mr Rees operates from (Wessex Nuffield, Spire Southampton and BMI Sarum Road, Winchester), and is in the region of £2,500.  This package includes all hospital, operating theatres, surgeon, anaesthetic, Pre-assessment, follow up and post-operative semen analysis fees. 

This fee does not include the initial consultation fee (£200) – but this can be refunded following surgery. There are no other hidden extra costs or VAT. 
If you wish for sperm to be harvested and stored at the time of vasectomy reversal, then there will be an additional fee embryologist / fertility lab) fee of ~£500, as well as an annual storage fee. (~£400). 

No extra charge applies for a redo vasectomy reversal or if a epididymo-vasostomy is required. 

Vasectomy reversal is not funded on the National Health Service, and is not generally covered by health Insurance. In Hampshire, no fertility treatment is funded if either partner has previously been sterilised or have previous children, but this can vary between UK regions. 
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