Hydrocoele Repair

Hydrocoele repair involves the drainage of a fluid collection around the testicle, and repair of a defect in the fluid sac surrounding the testicle to prevent further accumulation of fluid.
How is it done?
Under a general anaesthetic, a cut is made in the scrotum and the fluid drained.  The sac of the hydrocoele is either tied on itself or turned inside-out to prevent recurrence. after any bleeding points are cauterised, the incision is closed with absorbable stitches.
Why is it done?
To alleviate the troublesome symtpoms of a hydrocoele, such as pain, discomfort, awkwardness and difficulty with certain physical activities, or embarassment due to a visible swelling through clothes. 
What are the possible complications?
Occasionally there may be a recurrence of fluid collection ( in around 5%), a Blood collection around testes which resolves slowly (hameatoma), and Possible infection in the skin wound or testis, requiring further treatment.
After the operation
After your operation, you will spend a period of time in the recovery area then ward.  You will be able to go home  once you have passed urine and have fully recovered from your anaesthetic (ie daycase procedure). there will be a local anaesthetic block in the scrotal area which means that things will be generally 'numb' for over 6 hours, and sometimes into the next day. 
What should I do after my procedure and when can I go back to work/resume normal activities?
You will not be able to drive for 24 hours after your anaesthetic, so you will need someone to come and collect you. You can resume most normal activities the following day but we would recommend that you do not drive your car for 2 days and refrain from sporting activities for 2 weeks.  The stitches will dissolve in time. You may find it more comfortable to wear brief underpants to support the scrotum rather than boxer shorts.
Who can I contact if there is a problem?
If there are any concerns after the oeration you should contact the hospital ward (or mr Rees's office during office hours). 
What follow-up will I have?
Mr Rees will see you approximately six weeks after the operation to ensure that all is well. 
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