Vasectomy Reversal - Success Rates

Mr Rees has one of the highest success rates for microsurgical Vasectomy reversal in the UK, equalling the best and largest published series in the medical literature. He has been able to reconstruct all patients to date - 96% on both sides. 
Overall, sperm is returned to the ejaculate of 89% of men who have had a vasectomy within the last 10 years, and in 78% of men who have had their vasectomy 10-30 years previously. 60% of these have a sperm count in the normal or high range – a figure not often published by other vasectomy reversal clinics. 10% of couples fall pregnant prior to the 3-month semen analysis. 


Success rate : (1-5 years since vasectomy) - 94%
Success rate: (1-10 years since vasectomy) - 89%
Success rate (10-30 years since vasectomy) - 78%
‘Longest interval’ preganancy - 30 years since vasectomy

Audited results of last 50 patients

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