Wessex Andrology is a multi-disciplinary practice providing a comprehensive medical and surgical Men’s Health service – dealing with all male genital problems

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Rowland Rees - Consultant urological surgeon

The team is led by Mr Rowland Rees, one of the UK’s leading surgical andrologists. Rowland is a consultant urological surgeon based at University Hospital Southampton.

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For enquires please call 07552 775247.

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Evidence overwhelmingly shows that your outcomes will be better if you are cared for by a specialist who deals with your problem regularly. The expert team at Wessex Andrology focus solely on men’s health, so you’ll know that you are in safe hands.

We believe that patients deserve to be at the very heart of every discussion and decision, and we pride ourselves on the excellence of the care we provide.

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Rowland helps raise money for urological charity TUF (The Urology Foundation)

On 19th September 2019, 30 urologists, patients and others cycled from London to Orleans in France in aid of the urological charity TUF


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‘Andros’ is the Greek word for male, and ‘Andrology’ is the study and treatment of disorders of the male genitalia - and can be considered the equivalent of ‘gynaecology’ in the female.