Wessex Andrology is now offering Xiapex (Collagenase) treatment for suitable men with Peyronies disease-related penile curvature.
Xiapex has been approved by the FDA and the European Medicines Agency for use in Peyronies disease, and large studies from the USA and Australia have shown that it can have significant benefit to improve penile curvature, thus reducing the need for surgery.

Further European studies presented in 2017 suggest that approximately half of patients receiving a course of Xiapex get a response sufficient to not require any other treatments.
 Each injection helps to weaken and break down the plaque , and is followed by stretching exercises. To download the full information regarding Xiapex treatment, please click on the More Details button below.

More Details  

At Wessex Andrology we are using a modified protocol of 2 X monthly injections, with an option of continuing with further doses if required. This protocol not only makes it easier to administer but also makes it cheaper. 

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