Why you should be avoiding penis fillers

We've recently been speaking about the worrying trend among men which is now widely available at many private clinics across the UK. The procedure which is designed to increase girth is carried out by injection. However Rowland Rees has said the majority of men requesting filler treatment had no physical problems and warned clinics were “cashing in” on patient’s anxiety. He was invited to talk on the subject with Victoria Derbyshire and on Radio 5live earlier this month.

He said, “there is no definitive evidence that this procedure improves function, while the cosmetic effects are very minor with no data to back it up,”. 

“Meanwhile, what we do know is they cause bruising and scarring and I have recently treated two nasty infections in my clinic.

“In the worst cases, skin grafts can be required to repair the damage caused which, in itself, carries a number of risks.”

Mr Rees, who is chairman of the British Association of Urological Association’s andrology group, urged clinics to “stop misleading” vulnerable patients and “address the real issues”.

“The long-term results of penis filler treatments are not impressive and we really need to bring this matter to the fore so it can be investigated and debated openly,” he said.

“I want to see an end to clinics cashing in on men’s anxieties about the look of their penis and address the real issues with psychological treatment and reassurance.”

To listen to the interview, click to play on BBC iPlayer here.
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